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Tinido features walkthrough

Quang Nguyen , last updated: March 6, 2021

As a software engineer, I spent a lot of my time with GitHub, and I love the tiny green dots in its contribution calendar. And I felt that feature gives motivation for its user to contribute more and more.

Then, I came up with an idea to build a personal task manager app that shows the user activities in a similar way. Then, during the development, the feature list has been grown more and more.And I named the app Tinido with a slogan: "Do tiny things". I hope that this app can manage small tasks and encourage users to complete these smalls steps continuously.

The following is the list of features that I have completed so far.

  • Create task lists with your most important to-dos
  • View, edit and manage tasks
  • Add tags, notes to any task
  • Set a due date, reminder, and priority
  • Search and sort tasks inside a list
  • See your weekly and monthly activities
  • Get and be able to spread inspirational quotes for motivation
  • UI/UX for adding tasks and managing tasks are intuitive
  • Support both light and dark mode

In general the app has been designed and built with the focus on three important points.

  1. Creating and managing todo lists and tasks should be easy and flexible
  2. Statistics and inspiration needs to be delivered for later improvement and achievement
  3. Simple and clean design for easy usage, so you can focus on your goals and plans

Finally, here is the app preview video.