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Great things when building a side project

Tinido Team , last updated: July 17, 2021

In the last article, I shared my experience about the difficulties when developing a side project. That is just half of the journey, in this blog post, I am going to discuss more of its positive side.

1. You gain the overall control

You started the project based on your own idea, sketch your own plan and timeline. There is no one who gives you order or asks you to implement feature X but not feature Y. The choices of tools are also made by you. There is no existing tech stack that you have to follow, no architecture or code base that you have to maintain. You will live in your own world. 

2. Learning by doing

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Learning is not enough, you must apply". You might learn a new programing language, or learn design skills, or practice to be a product leader. However, at the daytime job, you don't have many chances to apply what you learned. Building a side project can give you these opportunities. Besides, doing and making mistakes leverage your understanding and experience much more than just learning and following the sample projects. 

3. Lets the creativity flow in you

Because of not much limitation in your own project, your creativity has a space to grow. You might discover a new process or create a small detail that you are proud of. There will be a lot of new ideas sparking in your mind, that sounds crazy. But remember "Logic guides you from point A to point B, but creativity guides you to anywhere". 

4. If it succeeds, your dream of freedom comes true

If your side project gets enough attention, or it starts generating revenues, you can consider focusing on it full time. That is the time that you dreamed of for a while since the project's idea was ignited in your mind. Congratulations! You reach an important point that most people can not.

If you are on this journey of building something you are passionate about, I would like to give you my best wishes.